Posted by: Rockarty | December 16, 2010

Volunteers meet up and measure tables!

On 11th Dec, 29 eager volunteers gathered together for the first time to hear what challenges awaited them as CSI ‘field agents’. The workshop, led by the CSI project team, included plenty of opportunities to meet fellow participants, and to find out more about the work that lies ahead. Sessions covered ‘How to recognise rock art’, with a practice quiz, revealing that some cup marks may have quite natural, geological origins, and others quite ‘unnatural’ ones – such as bullets! 

Volunteers were also shown how the recording process involved both accurate measurements and more subjective assessments, and they had a go themselves, recording not rock art, but the table they were sitting at. This produced some interesting discussions about the extent of chewing gum coverage, and the composition of the laminate surface! Another activity got everyone thinking about how all the different activities of the project would fit together, resulting in some very creative flow diagrams which include plenty of tea breaks and meetings in the pub!

It was great to meet everyone, and we hope all the volunteers enjoyed the day and were inspired to get out and visit some rock art over Christmas before we reconvene in the New Year for some more formal training sessions.

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