Posted by: Rockarty | April 7, 2011

All briefed and ready to go…

On Saturday we all got together to reflect on the training so far, and sort out any problems and concerns. We started with a quick brainstorm/post it frenzy thinking about things enjoyed, things not enjoyed, things learnt, and things still unclear.

Positive reflections

Happily there seemed to be more positive stuff than negative – and I’m afraid the ‘lack of toilet facilities on the moor’ isn’t something we can easily remedy!  Hopefully all the questions raised were adressed, and we indulged in a bit of quizzing with that well known format ‘Who Wants to Be a Rock Art Recorder?’ resulting in a few smiles (although sadly no cash prizes). You can download the quiz from the Volunteer Info page if you’d like a go!

The afternoon was spent preparing for the next stage of the project: the Trial Recording Phase. This will give everyone a chance to put what they’ve learnt into effect. Over the next two months our intrepid volunteers will be recording 20 panels – a trial run so they can get used to working together, and develop their skills as surveyors, writers, and photographers.

Richard points the way!


  1. My very best wishes to you all,
    Edward Vickerman

  2. Thanks Edward. Hopefully we’ll be able to build on the excellent work produced by you, Anne, Keith, Bob and all those involved in the IAG.

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