Posted by: Rockarty | July 19, 2011

Testing times on Rombalds Moor

The CSI Field Agents have spent the last few months testing their skills (both new and old), equipment, and stamina during the Trial Phase of the recording project. This was a chance to try out the methodology, get to know their fellow team members, and get more familiar with the processes and the rock art.  Both the Red Team (weekends) and the Blue Team (weekdays) were each assigned 20 panels to record. They then reported back their experiences and made recommendations to the Management Team via presentations and group discussions. All the resulting feedback will now help to improve both the methodology (e.g. tweaks to the recording form) and the social side of the project (more meetings in the pub being one suggestion!)

Dave Spencer and Peter Butler complete the dreaded Photogrammetry Form

High Tech Mapping 

In true CSI style, Blue Team members Mike Short and Dave Spencer have developed a ‘new and improved’ high tech method of generating location sketches (this being a key part of the recording process). They used Google Earth images corresponding to known grid squares and corrected or ‘flattened’ them using Photoshop. These rectified images can then be used to create accurate base maps for use in the field, where additional features (rock art, for example!) can be added. The new approach has been officially adopted into the project methodology and Mike and Dave are now planning a demonstration for other CSI Field Agents.

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