Posted by: Rockarty | October 21, 2011

They’re off!

After a spot of refresher training and with some improved recording forms and crib sheets, the CSI volunteers embarked on the main phase of recording this week. The practice sessions and trials are now finished  –  this time it’s for real as the Blue Team and the Red Team start to tackle their respective assignments. The 400 plus carved stones that fall within the Watershed Landscapes area have been divided into blocks to help manage the work, and to ensure that those areas affected by the nesting season can be avoided at crucial times. The Blues will begin in the East Morton/Bingley Moor area, with the Red Team heading for Burley Moor/Hawksworth Moor.

After receiving their assignments the CSI Agents enjoyed presentations from two rock art experts. Dr Keith Boughey explained how work by volunteers (including some CSI team members) in the Stanbury Hill area had begun to revealed new information (and new rock art), providing a better context and understanding of prehistoric activities there. Dr Aaron Watson followed, encouraging everyone to think in new ways about how we explore and represent prehistoric sites with thought giving to light, sound, and texture; he illustrated these approaches with some stunning imagery from excavations of rock art panels at Ben Lawers on the banks of Loch Tay in central Scotland.

Moonlight and rock art at Ben Lawers

Excavating rock art at Stanbury Hill

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