Posted by: rockrich | March 24, 2012

Magnificent March

In beautiful spring weather, the project pushed on through two milestones – the 200th panel recorded and then the halfway point of panels paper recorded.

With tree-felling imminent in the Rivock forest plantation and grouse nesting access restrictions until 31 July, the race was on to complete the recording of 44 panels in the Rivock plantation and the Rivock SW plateau.  Over 4 work days, the team worked very hard in difficult conditions, sometimes crawling on hands and knees in thick forest decked in high-vis tabards and protective goggles.   It was a terrific effort with team members working gruelling 7 hour days for the last two days – something we don’t intend to do again!

The Forestry Manager has been terrific, allowing us access and to take vehicles into the forest, providing maps and supplying stakes so that we could mark and tape around the panels to protect them from forestry damage.  In the areas to be felled and replanted, there’s even a commitment to create small glades around some of the panels.  At least 8 previously recorded panels have already been ‘lost’ under planting ridges and furrows or thick detritus cover.  The work that has been done by the team should ensure the long-term safety of what is a truly superb collection of panels, stylistically very different from surrounding areas.

In the forest, photographic conditions were challenging (for the photographers reading this blog, in one spot, Mike was shooting hand-held at 1/30sec, f/4, ISO6400) so it was decided to leave the photography and photogrammetry until after felling is complete).

Of the 45 panels including a few new ones in the forest and on Rivock SE plateau, over the two weeks, 42 were recorded including 8 recorded as lost, 1 is in Manor House museum and 2 are awaiting completion.  A really stunning effort from the team!

For the last week of March, we’ll ease back to a more leisurely pace and record the panels below Rivock Edge and around Rough Holden to SW of the plantation and then it’s on to the next sector.

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