Our two key aims are as follows:

  • Create a comprehensive baseline record of all known rock art sites on Rombalds Moor

We aim to work with local volunteers and build on existing documentation from various sources to record all known rock art sites on Rombalds Moor.  Recording will be in line with the national standards established through the English Heritage pilot study (Northumberland and Durham Rock Art Project). This will include condition evaluation to provide a baseline record for future monitoring, and assessment of future risk, to inform management strategies.  We will also work closely with local rock art enthusiasts to compile any outstanding private archives.

The project will establish a comprehensive photographic database of carvings and 3D processed images. Records created will be added to the England’s Rock Art (ERA) database, in consultation with the Archaeology Data Service, and local Historic Environment Officers, and in line with English Heritage intentions for the development of ERA as a national resource.

  • Develop greater local engagement with and appreciation of the rock art and surrounding landscape.

We will work with local volunteers  to develop new skills in rock art recording methods and with local people of all ages and abilities to develop greater engagement with the rock art. We hope to build a better understanding of the rock art in this area and in relation to the wider rock art landscape of Northern Britain. We also  hope to establish arenas for sharing and disseminating the results and implications of the rock art recording to local and national audiences.


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