The key technology used in the project will be photogrammetry.  The technique is based on the principal of stereo-photography where two images of the same subject are taken from slightly different positions. The different perspective in each pair of images (stereo-pair) allows a 3D representation of the object or site to be recorded. Processing this information through computer software enables a wide range of visual data to be created including line drawings, contour plots, and 3D surface models.

This low-cost, non-intrusive method will enable trained project participants to capture stereo-photographs using ‘off-the-shelf’ digital cameras. They will then be able to process these images to produce a range of 3D images and surface models, with an accuracy of up to 1-3 mm. These models can be manipulated on screen and presented in different ways, enabling specific aspects of the rock art to be enhanced and studied.

You can read more about the technique and download images and models on the Englands Rock Art website.

Beanley 1

Photogrammetry model of Beanley 1


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